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Getting your kids involved helps them develop a love of veggies!

Getting your kids involved helps them develop a love of veggies!• Create a healthy menu. Help your children create a healthy balanced plate by offering a lean protein, a whole grain and lots of veggies. You can combine all 3 by making quick brown fried rice with chicken, peas, carrots & broccoli. Yum!

• Have a picky eater? Allow your picky eater to lend a hand in selecting groceries and deciding what's for dinner. Having a say will help your children be more comfortable and feel empowered at mealtime.

• Cook with your kids! Kids are much more likely to try a new food if they lend a hand in preparing it. Give your kids simple tasks like peeling carrots, tearing lettuce, whisking a dressing or tossing in ingredients. Encourage them to graze as they work.

• Grow with your kids! Let them help plant, care for & harvest your garden. They will be so proud to eat what they have grown!

• Make it fun! Be creative! Try spiralizing, use toothpicks or different ways of serving.

• Hide them! Sneak veggies into sauces, smoothies or muffins.

• Be prepared! Have veggies cut and ready to go! You can purchase pre-cut or frozen veggies to save time.

• Don't give up! Kids' tastes change as they grow. They might have to try a new food a dozen (or MORE) times before they like it. Keep trying!

• Look at the big picture! If your kids don't sit down and eat 3 balanced meals, don't stress. Try offering fruits & veggies for snacks between meals.

• Use whole food supplements to fill in the gaps. (recommendations available upon request).

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