Transformed my lifestlye

"Dr. Adam and his entire staff are experts in providing personable, effective, top-notch patient care! Four months ago, I decided to give chiropractic care a try after multiple medical doctors were unable to identify the root cause of my chronic migraines and a female issue. Dr. Adam continually listens to my concerns, adequately answers all of my questions and has helped me completely transform my lifestyle. With a combination of chiropractic adjustments, whole food supplements, and nutritional coaching, I went from having 4-5 severe migraines a week to only 1 or 2 very mild ones a month. I have also gained more energy, lost a considerable amount of weight, and no longer experience female issues. I can't even begin to thank Dr. Adam enough for leading me on the natural path to improved health!" Kristy - October 2016

Dr. Adam has helped every memeber of our family

❝Dr. Coxon and team provide excellent chiropractic care. He listens to your concerns, and offers a variety of care options. He has helped every member of our family with a variety of issues, especially when traditional medicine failed to provide pain relief or answers. We're lucky to have this level of care available in Fort Mill. ❞ Markelle - March 2016

Chiropractic has been an important part of feeling good

❝My whole family has been going for years. Dr. Adam is great and really listens to our problem areas. He is great about addressing sore spots as well has keeping us on track of a healthy lifestyle. ❞ Adam April 2016

Healthy Lifestyle

"Great chiropractic and staff! Listens to your bodies needs and responds appropriately. Highly recommend for part of a complete healthy lifestyle!❞ Allison W.

Thanks for the wonderful experience!

❝Dr. Coxon and staff are AMAZING. Beautiful, clean office and great patient care. I would highly recommend Dr. Coxon to anyone for both pain and health management. Thanks for the wonderful experience!❞ Andrea - March 2013

Thanks Dr. Coxon!

❝After dealing with a 16 hour headache Dr. Coxon opened his office on a Saturday morning. He found the problem and after my adjustment, my headache was gone. Pretty impressed with his business and I'll definitely be going back. Thanks Dr. Coxon!❞ Alex - August 2013

Migraine relief

❝I just want to say that I have been seeing Dr. Adam for the past year for my migraines which I have suffered from my whole life. Dr. Adam has made my life turn around and normal again for the better! He is amazing and I am so very thankful for his knowledge and compassion! Not only have my migraines decreased to almost nothing but my over all health has improved! So thank you Dr Adam and Heather for everything you do!❞ Meagan - September 2014

Primary doctor

❝Dr. Adam is great! We see him as our "primary" doctor and I'm thrilled to say that with regular adjustments and his advice, our kids have been major illness/antibiotic free since September 2013!❞ Deanne - February 2015

I am sleeping better, and have greater flexibility.

❝Before I had my initial appointment, I was a bit of a skeptic. I also had back pain, with frequent physician appointments. Years of drumming, landscaping and lifting and shifting toddlers into car seats had taken its toll. The physician would prescribe anti-inflammatory pain-killers, and steroids. One to two months later, same routine. I have not had an appointment for back pain, since my visits with Coxon Lifestyle Management. I am sleeping better, and have greater flexibility. Dr. Coxon careful analysis of my anatomy, the recommended stretches and easy exercises have complemented the appointments. I will continue to recommend friends and family to Dr. Coxon, because of his expertise and assistance.❞ Scott C

Less pain, more mobility and better sleep

❝I was disenchanted with how my body was aging because of pain, inflexibility, and lack of mobility. Since I've started treatment at Coxon Clinic, I'm in less pain, much more mobility and flexibility, and I'm also sleeping better than I have in years. I look forward to even more progress due to the positive attention and encouragement I receive from both Dr. Adam, and his wife, Jaime, because I'm eating better now, losing weight (inches). I LOVE how they both LISTEN and always have a direction for me to follow. ❞ Claire I

"Our 4 year old was sick all the time as a baby and toddler. She had constant illness, sinus problems, ear infections, you name it. We started receiving regular chiropractic care at Coxon Clinic after our now 11 month old son was born early and had colic and digestive issues. He has received weekly chiropractic care since 5 weeks old and has never once been sick with anything noteworthy - not even a fever. Since our daughter has been receiving regular care, she does occasionally catch a cold but the duration and symptoms are far less severe. Same for my wife and me. We all take therapeutic doses of vitamin C, D, and fish oil daily. We are currently taking Zinc as well. Dr. Adam at Coxon Clinic has done wonders for the health of our family. We just can't say enough about his gentle approach with children and adults alike. His wife Jaime is a dietitian and has helped us take a look at the foods we eat so we know what to avoid, and why (such as dairy - especially this time of year with runny noses, etc.) and what foods to increase (green leafy veggies, etc). It has been a process for us, but has been more than worth it. I would highly encourage you to go see Dr. Adam."

David K

"Dr. Adam and Jaime do a great job treating patients naturally. The chiropractic care is gentle and they care about their customers well-being."

Jimmy B. - February 2017


"Dr. Adam and his staff have a wonderful chiropractic office. They make it so easy for the entire family to be adjusted. He has educated our family on the importance of regular chiropractic care and taking supplements to enhance our healthy lifestyle. Getting chiropractic care has saved us a ton of money because we aren't running to the MDs office for every sniffle. We are so thankful to have such a helpful practice to keep our family healthy."

Katherine J. - March 2017

"Dr. Coxon is a top-notch DC. I've been to several throughout my life as he's the most passionate about chiropractics and in tune with what my spine needs. He adjusts the whole family about once a month and is my first stop for any ailment - fever, virus, cold - you name it. He keeps my family well with adjustments and supplements"

Lisa G. - November 2016