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Unwavering Commitment

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Cliff Byfield is a legend. He’s renowned for his unwavering commitment to the timeless beauty and artistry of classic cars. Unquestionable, he is the very embodiment of passion, dedication, and craftsmanship when it comes to vintage vehicles. The fact that he just turned 100 hasn’t changed his love for these vehicles, or his skills at restoring them. It appears that Cliff’s passion for life is fueled by classic cars.

Attention to detail and patience are things many of us never acquire. However, Cliff acquired them at a young age along with his deep appreciation for automotive history and classic cars. Over the years, his skills and appreciation have only deepened and grown stronger. With each restoration project he undertakes, he takes great pains to source rare parts, and doesn’t let a single detail escape him as he works to maintain the originality and authenticity of each car.

Pass it On

An inspiration to many, Cliff willingly serves as a mentor and teacher to other restorers. He is as committed to passing down skills and doing anything he can to see that traditional craftsmanship is maintained in this era of modern technologies.

Clearly, Cliff is living his 100 Year Lifestyle. Finding passion for an interest, hobby, or work is something that is key to the 100 Year Lifestyle. Cliff was lucky enough to find his passion at a young age, and then commit to it. What are you passionate about doing? And do you think  you’ll be able to maintain that passion for 10 more years? 20? 40? Or even longer, like Cliff? Are you sharing your passions with others?

To find out more about this man who refuses to put down his wrench, and maybe learn a bit about true passion and unwavering commitment, keep reading.



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